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Man Class is a series of live talks, given at fraternities, college dorms, bars, restaurants, and homes.

"I have worked with hundreds of young men.  I’ve looked across the table into their scared eyes.  I’ve seen their shoulders slump when they’ve told me that they’re, “not that smart,” or are, “kind of a mess right now.” I’ve seen the façade of bravado crumble in the millisecond after I’ve asked, “you don’t think you’re good enough, do you?”  


The world needs men.  The world has men.  But now, the world needs its men  to act like the kind of men we can all be proud of. 


We, the people of the world, need guys of all ages to get their shit together.  We need you to energize your young to aspire to be great.  We need you cut the crap with the naked pictures, learn to cook a proper breakfast, iron your suit, and get a job.  


Young men are not the enemy of a society that protects and empowers women.  Young men are its best hope."  


                                                                                                                                          - Elura Nanos


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