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Teens & The Law
This frank discussion about the serious issues facing teens in the age of social media covers  hot topics such as sexual assault and harassment, underage drinking, cyberbullying, privacy, and misuse of social and digital media. Elura motivates young people to attain personal accountability, and empowers them to utilize group dynamics to create safe, responsible environments in and out of school, as well as online.

Party Problems.  Illegal substance use is rampant at teen parties. Kids and parents need to know what's really happening and how to stay out of trouble. 
Rape Realities.  Today, everyone needs to know the evolving laws of sexual assault and consent. Misinformation is everywhere, and smart families will protect their kids by knowing the law.   
School Scandals. Teens plus social and digital media is the formula for widespread scandal.  Understanding the trends in prosecution and school rules is essential for teens to avoid becoming swept up in misdeeds with serious consequences. 
Juvenile Rights.  Adolescents aren't perfect.  But with reliable information about teens' legal rights, one mistake doesn't have to derail a promising future.   

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