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Becca's Story: Overcoming Obstacles and Soaring to Success

Meet Rebecca "Becca" Friedberg, a senior at Elon University whose gentle and compassionate exterior belies the true warrior within. Becca's journey through LSAT preparation was punctuated by both internal and external challenges, but ultimately, Becca summoned her strength and resilience and was rewarded with a showstopping test day.

Becca's background is a tapestry of diverse experiences that coalesce to make her the unique person she is today. Adopted from Colombia as a baby, Becca was raised in a loving Jewish family in suburban New Jersey. Her multicultural upbringing surely shaped her empathetic and inclusive worldview; her ferociously supportive family undoubtedly provided her the foundation for unlimited accomplishment.

Becca's Journey-to-Attorney

Becca's success exemplifies the power of determination and the importance of the right support system. When Becca began tutoring, she'd already taken the LSAT once and scored 148. The low score was devastating for someone who had always been a high achiever.

Together, we built a new foundation that was just what Becca needed to achieve a test score that matched her profound intelligence. Her reward for her perseverance was not just a top 10% score — but was also the knowledge that she has the power to overcome even the toughest challenges and that anxiety does not control her.

Anxiety and LSAT Preparation: A Formidable Challenge

Becca's LSAT journey was marked by a significant hurdle—her battle with anxiety. The LSAT, known for its rigorous demands, can be especially daunting for the many, many individuals prone to anxiety in a test setting.

Becca's remarkable 16-point improvement on the LSAT is a testament to her resilience, tenacity, and creativity. She refused to let her anxiety and fear define her abilities, together, we strategized, practiced, and even rehearsed dealing with test-day jitters.

A sister's unwavering commitment

One of the standout qualities that defines Becca is her unwavering dedication to her family, particularly her brother Zachary. Zachary's rare mitochondrial disease presents significant challenges, and Becca's role as a loving sister and caregiver is a testament to her strong sense of responsibility and compassion.

Becca's path to law school is driven by her passion for making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Her dedication to studying disability law is a testament to her determination to create a more inclusive and equitable society. Becca's clear vision to leverage her legal education to advocate for those most deserving of support stands as an example of selflessness for all those in her orbit.

A mentor's perspective

Over my decades as an educator, I've worked with hundreds of students who struggle with learning challenges such as anxiety, ADHD, dyslexia, processing disorders, and even traumatic brain injuries. Because everyone's needs are different, I am constantly called upon to find creative and individualized strategies for test-taking.

While working with Becca, I saw first-hand that anxiety and self-doubt threatened to thwart her test day performance. In particular, Logical Reasoning questions presented a challenge, because they require a constant shifting-of-gears. When Becca was relaxed, she could mentally access the strategies that correspond to each question type; when nerves interfered, she would get flustered and flounder. Guilt and frustration would follow, only exacerbating the problem.

I had come to care deeply about Becca as a person. I could not accept that her hard work would yield a mediocre test score when I knew she was capable of much more. I researched some anxiety strategies, drew upon my years of experience, and kicked our strategizing into overdrive. With a potent combination of drilling, memory techniques, and stress-relievers, we made real headway.

Working with Becca was invigorating. For one thing, I never knew I could contextualize so many logic lessons with examples about shopping in Sephora! What's more, I knew she was counting on me to guide her through this intensely stressful process. With every lesson, I was more personally invested in Becca's success, and watching how well she responded to all our practice techniques was rewarding beyond words.

My time with Becca will leave a lasting mark on me as an instructor, as a lawyer, and as a mom. Although the LSAT can become an all-consuming challenge for many students, Becca always comported herself with thoughtful sensitivity. Her genuine concern for family, for friends, and even for me was truly touching. I looked forward to every hour spent with her, and I am certain that her loved ones feel the same.

In Becca's own words...

What message or advice would you like to convey to others who may be considering a similar journey?

Don't give in to uncertainty.

My dad has always reminded me of Yoda's wise words: "Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."

This mantra has always resonated with me as I strive to eliminate doubt. I know it has already reminded me persist in the face of adversity and it will continue to do so in the future.

The journey to law school requires that you fully commit. You must be willing to make the hard sacrifices required for test prep and avoid any half-heartedness in the process.

Your passion for your dream to become a lawyer will fuel you, but that passion demands your full energy and attention.

When Becca isn't practicing Strengthen or Weaken questions she is:

Shopping (especially for makeup and clothes!), lifting and running, cooking and baking (especially comfort foods), reading, and watching Legally Blonde, and anime.

Becca's favorite guilty pleasure:

Fruit tea boba with tapioca or flavored popping boba.

Becca's favorite study candy:

All candy is good. Favorites are Twix, KitKats and strawberry Twizzlers.

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