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Elura is a lawyer with extensive experience within the world of media and entertainment. In 2011, Elura starred Staten Island Law on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The series showcased Elura’s unparalleled ability to help individuals  resolve emotionally-charged disputes by combining legal principles and creative strategies for long-term solutions. She has been a frequent contributor local and national news and talk shows, including Fox News, CBS, ABC, Good Morning America, Chasing News, HLN, Sirius Satellite Radio, The Dr. Oz Show, Anderson Cooper, Joy Behar, and PHL17, as well as a number of non-news programs such as True Life on MTV, Celebrity Damage Control, and QVC.


You can find Elura's snappy, digestible takes on SCOTUS and other high-profile legal news on Dan Abrams' Law&Crime. Elura is also the co-host of Health Careless, a podcast that focuses on the world of healthcare and patient advocacy.  


Apart from her professional work in the law and media world, Elura is a flutist with the Philharmonic of Southern New Jersey and serves on boards for several arts organizations. She is also passionate about the rights of children to grow up in safe, loving homes and to access appropriate education in a nurturing environment.


Elura lives with her husband and two children in New Jersey. She is a lover of audiobooks, Mozart, and prison movies, and a hater of crawling plants, war documentaries and raisins.

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