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Media Strategy & Training

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Transform your media presence with expert strategy and coaching. I will conduct a thorough analysis of your goals, audience, and budget to create a tailored media strategy.


Together, we'll leverage media opportunities and prep for unforgettable appearances.

Journey to Attorney:
LSAT, Law School, & the Bar Exam

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Does the LSAT even matter? What about logic games? How do I start my personal statement admissions essay?  Should I bother briefing cases?  How do I improve my MBE score?  Is law school even worth it?


Elura has been working with students on the LSAT, admissions, 1L-3L coursework, and bar prep for two decades. She's got answers and she's not afraid to share.

Both individual and group academic coaching available.


The scores, the grades, the plan, and the confidence will be yours for the taking.

Keynote Speaking &

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Need a no-bullshit, high-wattage speaker to engage, educate, and enliven your audience? Elura's got you covered. Whether your group needs a targeted keynote address covering the importance of free speech or a punchy presentation to channel personal growth, Elura's custom-tailored talks always spark inspiration.

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