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Black Headphones

When i was nine...

... my favorite toy was a portable tape recorder. I would spend hours recording my thoughts on everything from the sound of cars passing by on the busy streets of Staten Island to the questionable choices made in the Little House on the Prairie book-to-series adaptation. As I grew up, my passion for sharing my thoughts with a virtual audience only intensified. And when podcasting technology finally caught up, my inner nine-year-old was reborn. But this time, I had a lifetime of experiences and lots of legal knowledge to share. So come along for the ride as I explore some of today's pressing questions, and share my musings on everything from politics and culture to travel and food."

how do we feel about this.jpg

How Do We Feel About This?

These days, the focus is on conflict, sound bites, and snark. While that can be [sometimes] fun, it's really not helpful for creating informed perspectives on nuanced topics. 

On this podcast, I'll sit down with people who are passionate about hotly-debated topics and sort out what the hoopla is about. Maybe there's a "right side," but maybe not. Either way, my goal is  to help you form your own opinion that's based on real facts and real law. 

Universal Remote

Expert streamologist Stephanie Santoriello tears into series, movies, and more as she dissects what's on air with dynamic guests to determine what's really worth our time to watch.

Elura and Karen Podcast Promo.jpg

A Very Special Vacation

Expert Momvocates Elura and Karen help challenged families reclaim vacation time by using creativity and advocacy to create the perfect trip tailored for children with special needs.

10-Minute LSAT

Elura shares actionable advice, curated over 25+ years as an LSAT expert, with audiences in 10-minute episodes. Joining Elura is LSAT-student-turned-ivy-league lawyer and walking success story, Alex Schwarz.

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