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Hannah's Story: True Dedication and Syrupy-Sweet Success

Meet Hannah, an extraordinary advocate for environmental conservation whose passion for making a positive impact in her professional endeavors is rooted in her deep connection to family and nature. Before starting at Boston College Law School, where she was propelled by an academic scholarship and leaped to achieving straight As a 1L, Hannah spent three impactful years working in the environmental department of the prestigious D.C. lobbying firm, Holland & Knight.

From the start, Hannah was focused, determined, brilliant, and kind. Her legal career is one to watch, and her potential is without limits.

Hannah's Journey-to-Attorney

Navigating LSAT preparation presented unique challenges for Hannah, as she confronted the dual challenges presented by constraints of time and crises of confidence. Hannah had always been a disciplined and dedicated student, and she knew the demands of her full-time position in the professional legal world posed a major obstacle to focused test prep. She worked hard to manage the stress of being an emerging professional with the personal challenge of tackling a difficult standardized test.

Ultimately, Hannah's resilience and commitment shone through as she tackled these hurdles head-on. Tenacity prevailed, and it brought with it a remarkable LSAT score that stands as a testament to the power of determination and the unwavering commitment Hannah brings to every aspect of her academic and professional pursuits.

Embracing the personalized strategies developed during our sessions, she harnessed her skills, dedicated herself to the process, and came to see herself as the brilliant future lawyer she most certainly is.

Riding a wave of maple syrup to the bar exam

Hannah's commitment to environmental causes is not simply a career choice: it's a reflection of her core values and a deeply personal choice to contribute meaningfully to a sustainable future. 

Hannah has a profound connection to her family, who serve as guiding lights in her life. Growing up on her family's maple farm in New Hampshire, Hannah witnessed the effects environmental factors had on maple syrup production.  She saw that conservation is far more personal than political and committed to becoming a change agent.

Because Hannah's own career goals are so intertwined with her personal experiences and family relationships, she approaches all she does with a deep empathy for those around her. As a result, Hannah is an inspiring young professional who is as sensitive as she is driven.

Oh, and the girl can write!

Notably, Boston College Law School recognized Hannah's exceptional writing skills by featuring her personal statement in its recent list of top student essays. In her essay, Hannah eloquently articulated the source of her passion and created a compelling narrative that showcased not just her expertise as a writer, but her sensitive understanding of our shared world.

You can read Hannah's inspiring admissions essay here.

A mentor's perspective

When I reflect on my time working with Hannah, I am reminded once again that the road of mentorship travels, always, in two directions.

During our sessions, I learned about the world of environmental lobbying from Hannah and became particularly invested in her work with the electric vehicle industry. When faced with the depth of Hannah's knowledge, it was sometimes difficult to reconcile how the young recent graduate who sat before me could have the expertise and perspective of a decades-older seasoned professional.

And Hannah wasn't just smart — although her intelligence is nothing short of astounding. She was infinitely curious and exceptionally sensitive to those around her. The way she was always able to temper her massive intellect with sincere humility and caring was irresistible. I was drawn into Hannah's hopes and dreams as if they were my own — and I have no doubt that she will continue to inspire others as she travels down her personal road of advocacy.

During our time together, I also caught glimpses of the challenges and opportunities presented by today's professional world to a young woman like Hannah. I was reminded that some cultures and systems have changed dramatically since I was a young lawyer — and equally reminded that other things are the same as they ever were.

Most of all, Hannah became for me a personification of the post-Covid GenZ emerging professional. Now, when I read age-bracketed statistics and predictions, it is Hannah I picture. In her hands, our world will flourish. I am certain.

In Hannah's own words...

What message or advice would you like to convey to others who may be considering a similar journey?

There is no "right" or "perfect" timeline for studying for the LSAT or going to law school, so drop the guilt of starting "too late," and the fear of being "behind" in the process.

I started LSAT prep almost 9 months after graduation, while I was working long hours in a demanding, full-time job, while many of my college classmates had taken the LSAT during college. I was constantly worried that I would not perform as well as I wanted on the LSAT because I was preoccupied with working and navigating "adulting."

The self-doubt was unproductive and in hindsight, I wish I had been more confident in myself and given myself more grace.

Now that I am in law school, I feel very strongly that the experience of balancing LSAT studying with working prepared me incredibly well for law school. I developed time- management and task-prioritization skills that I see many students that came directly from college struggling with. Even the most "book-smart" 1Ls struggle with time management, and maintaining balance with personal and professional life. 

When Hannah isn't practicing Strengthen or Weaken questions (or learning the Rule Against Perpetuities) she is:

Clearing her mind with a run or long walk outside, exploring live music and comedy shows in Boston, traveling, and enjoying good wine.

Hannahs' favorite guilty pleasure: 

"Shopping for clothes, shoes, and skincare, or buying fiction novels I do not have time to read —but promise myself I will."

What did you find most valuable about LSAT prep?

Working with Elura truly catapulted me toward my best test score. She was flexible to accomodate my schedule, and helped me to develop a study plan that worked for me despite my demanding job. There are so many companies out there promising students to help them get "the best LSAT score," but it was not until I worked one-on-one with Elura that the test truly "clicked" for me and I felt prepared to tackle it head on. 

Unfortunately, as many young people do, I struggle with severe anxiety.  Elura empowered me and instilled me with confidence with individualized strategies to conquer the test and encouraged me to have more confidence in my abilities. 

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